Sept 2007 - Issue 2 Volume 1

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Welcome to the second edition of Ean's new newsletter. We send out this email bulletin every month to keep you informed about issues affecting the Irish abroad as well as those intending to emigrate or to return.

Your suggestions are welcome! If you'd like to share any aspect of your work, or would like to alert those working with emigrants about any issue that may affect them, or just have thoughts you'd like to express, let me know at 

Thanks! Your feedback will help our newsletter to grow and develop. - Noreen Bowden

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We've moved!

Ean has moved to a new address. We are no longer at All Hallows College in Drumcondra. Our new address is:
Carmichael House
North Brunswick Street
Dublin 7.
Our new phone number is +353 1 8779011.  The email address is still the same, at

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Ean questionnaire

We're interested in what you think! Fill out our brief questionnaire. We're looking for information on what your interests and concerns are, and how Ean can assist you in your work. We'll use this information to help set our priorities for the future.

Answer the questionnaire!

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Issue: radio broadcasting to the Irish abroad

This month's All-Ireland hurling and football championship finals were broadcast into Europe, Africa, and the Far East. RTE broadcast the finals in Africa and the Far East on shortwave; the radio station used LongWave 252 band to transmit to most of Britain. Most of Europe was able to hear the finals using newer DRM technology (via digital AM radio), as RTE broadcast the finals using DRM for the second year in a row.

RTE said of its broadcast, "The service is part of RTE's continued commitment to Irish people overseas, particularly in geographically or technically isolated areas."

That commitment was reinforced earlier this year with legislation that made provision for RTE to broadcast into Irish communities overseas; while the legislation initially covered just television broadcasting, Ean lobbied successfully for the inclusion of radio as well.

Ean believes that radio is an essential medium for the Irish abroad. While the internet will continue to grow as a vital way to keep in touch, radio remains important, particularly for people who may have limited access to computers, as well as for those on the move. Radio technology will also advance through new digital technology, allowing for broadcasting to significantly larger areas using less power in the future. RTE has been carrying out experimental DRM transmissions, using the longwave 252 frequency; the company cautions, however, that they are only testing the potential of the technology, as DRM receivers are not yet in mass production. We welcome RTE's testing of the new technology, however, as a step toward better broadcasting to the Irish abroad in the future.

Do you have an opinion on radio broadcasting to the Irish abroad? Let us know - drop a line to Also let me know if there's any other issue you'd like more information on!

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AGM: Save the date!

Ean's AGM will be held in Dublin on the afternoon of Saturday, December 1. Along with the AGM, we'll be hosting a half-day, informational seminar on emigrant issues. We hope that as many members as possible will attend! We'll send out more information in October, but drop a line to if you have questions in the meantime.

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Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants: "Pastoral Care: Journeying with the Migrant"
The Irish Episcopal Commission for Emigrants is marking 50 years of the Irish Chaplaincy in Britain with a conference called, "Pastoral Care to Public Policy - Journeying with the Migrant". The conference will highlight the value of a sustainable pastoral care response to the phenomenon of inward migration in Ireland.  A panel of international speakers will examine the global context, as well as current cultural and policy deficits in Ireland. Speakers will include Peter Sutherland, Chairman of the UN Global Commission for Migration; Bishop Nicholas Di Marzio, Bishop of Brooklyn and former Executive Director of Migration and Refugee Service for the U.S. Catholic Conference. The event takes place on 21-23 November, 2007 at the Dunboyne Castle Hotel in County Meath.

The Irish Theatrical Diaspora focuses on Dublin Theatre Festival

The Irish Theatrical Diaspora group will hold its 2007 conference in association with the Dublin Theatre Festival and the Irish Theatre Institute. The conference will explore the history of the Dublin Theatre Festival in its first five decades. Irish Theatrical Diaspora's purpose is to develop and co-ordinate research on the production and reception of Irish drama in its local, national and international contexts. "Irish drama" is defined as all theatrical performances within the island of Ireland, and any theatrical performances outside the country involving Irish-born personnel or having substantial Irish content.

See more on these and other upcoming conferences in our website's Events section.

Have an event you'd like to publicise to our members? Drop a line to

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Chair makes Australia visit

Ean Chair Alan Hilliard, who is also Director of the Irish Bishop's Commission for Emigrants, visited Australia this month for family reasons, but while he was there he visited with members of the Irish community. He spoke of how in a strange way their object was to be idle, saying, "We do not wish to have situations and circumstances where Irish people will need your assistance. However the truth of the situation is that we have a lot of Irish people travelling up and down the east coast of Australia and circumstances do arise whereby people will need a helping hand". When tragedy or trouble strikes, it is often not sophisticated technology that is most needed, but rather hands-on support.

"There is no formula other than human goodness, focused motivation, common sense and a cultural sensitivity that offers support and ultimately makes a difference," Fr Alan said. He also spoke of the "tyranny of distance" that can be lessened by better communication and interaction. Ean will be working to provide a newsletter service to assist the Irish community in Australia and New Zealand to stay in touch.

Read his entire speech online at Ean's website.

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On our website: Depression research, emigrant film, right of return, Australia visas

Stay on top of emigrant-related news and media in Ireland through our Newswatch section on our website. Through this blog-style feature we'll track media articles related to emigrants, with brief posts and links to additional information.

Here are links to a few of the latest articles:

Depression among emigrants rooted in Ireland, say researchers
Emigrant film an Oscar nominee?
Should Ireland welcome its diaspora home?
Agency reports increase in Australia visas

The Newswatch section is updated several times a week. Feel free to send on suggestions!

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