December 2007

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We send out this email bulletin to keep you informed about issues affecting the Irish abroad as well as those intending to emigrate or to return.

Your suggestions are welcome! If you'd like to share any aspect of your work, or would like to alert those working with emigrants about any issue that may affect them, or just have thoughts you'd like to express, let me know at 

Thanks! Your feedback will help our newsletter to grow and develop. - Noreen Bowden

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AGM: download the proceedings!

It was great to see those of you who could make Ean's AGM and seminar. About thirty people attended the day. We recorded all the events for those who couldn't join us, so check out our website for the audio recordings - you can see all the notes from the visual presentations there as well.

We had a great day of discussions on a variety of issues affecting emigrants, including the Goodbody report on value for money in emigrant service provision, and political participation by emigrants. Author Philip Orr on foreign military service as a form of emigration, and Irish Times journalist Patsy McGarry gave an inspiring talk on the media and emigration, while Karen McHugh discussed our assisted holiday project. We were fortunate to have Paschal Mooney and Seamus Scally as our facilitators for the day, and our outgoing chair, Fr Alan Hilliard, gave a speech that received good coverage in the Irish Times.

Listen to all the proceedings at for session one (Focusing resources) and for session two (Strengthening ties with the Irish abroad).


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New board members

At the AGM, we added three new members  to our board: Ellen Stagg, Paschal Mooney and Sr Attracta Heneghan. We are delighted to welcome them to our board and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future.

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Annual Report

The annual report has been sent out to all the members by post. If you didn't receive a copy, it probably means we've got an incorrect or out-of-date postal address for you - let me know at and I'll update our records.

The annual report is also online. You can also download it from our website at

Any comments? Drop a line to Also let me know if there's any other issue you'd like more information on!

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CSO Statistics 

The latest statistics from the CSO show that high rates of immigration continued into the year ending April 2007. Interestingly, however, the figures also showed that the rate of emigration stood at 42,000, considerably higher than in recent years. This left Ireland with a net migration rate of 67,300, down from last year's high of 78,800.

The rate of emigration hasn't been over 40,000 since 1990; the CSO figures, however, do not show how many of those emigrants were foreign nationals returning home. However, 7,000 of those who left went to a destination in one of the 12 new states of the European Union, up dramatically from 2,300 in 2006 and 800 in 2005; presumably many of those would have been returning nationals of those countries.

Over 10,000 of those emigrants travelled to the UK, while 3,200 went to the rest of the EU 15. 2,900 went to the US. 19,000 went to the rest of the world.

See the entire publication from the CSO at  

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On our website

Stay on top of emigrant-related news and media in Ireland through our Newswatch section on our website. Through this blog-style feature we track media articles related to emigrants, with brief posts and links to additional information.

Here are links to a few of the latest articles:

The Newswatch section is updated several times a week. Feel free to send on suggestions!

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