May/June 2008

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  2. Ean joins Europeans Throughout the World
  3. Diaspora Strategy document published by Maynooth academics
  4. Ean, CMP warn on US visa overstays
  5. CIIC issues warning on Diversity Visa fee-seeking
  6. In the media: TG4 focuses on work on work of emigrant chaplains
  7. Member news:Crosscare Migrant Project seeks Information Worker
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Welcome to Ean's newsletter. We send out this email bulletin to keep you informed about issues affecting the Irish abroad as well as those intending to emigrate or to return.

Apologies for the late delivery of this month's newsletter! We had some technical difficulties which are now resolved.

Your suggestions are welcome! If you'd like to share any aspect of your work, or would like to alert those working with emigrants about any issue that may affect them, or just have thoughts you'd like to express, let me know at

Thanks! I always welcome your feedback. - Noreen Bowden

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Ean joins Europeans Throughout the World

The Emigrant Advice Network has joined the group "Europeans Throughout the World" as the Irish representative. Ean director Noreen Bowden attended the group's board meeting in Brussels on May 26. The group comprises about 15 member associations, national non-governmental organisations serving the interests of national living in another country than their own.

Other members include the Union Francophone des Belges a l'Etranger, serving Belgian expats, Flemings in the World, Danes Worldwide, Espanoles en el Mondo, Assocation Democratique des Francais a l'Etranger and Mission Laique Francaise, both serving French abroad; Association for the Rights of Britons Abroad, Swedes Worldwide, Finland Society, Cercle des Luxembourgeois d'Anvers, World Council of Hellenes Abroad, Italians of the World, Romanian World Council, and the World Association of Slovaks Living Abroad.

The organization meets two or three times a year. Their work in recent years has focused on issues such as democratic representation of expats and European citizenship. Previously, Ireland was represented by Dermot Daly, an Ean member, as an associate member.

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Diaspora Strategy document published by Maynooth academics

Two Maynooth academics have published "Towards an Irish Diaspora Strategy: A Position Paper". Mark Boyle, a Geography professor, and Rob Kitchim, the Director of the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis and Chair of the Irish Social Services Platform, are welcoming feedback on the working paper, which is published by the NIRSA.

The paper suggests that it is now time to develop a unifying strategy for its relationship with the diaspora. With the shrinking Diaspora and the changing nature of the Irish experience both at home and abroad, Boyle and Kitchim say that strengthening Diaspora initiatives could extend social, cultural, political and economic benefits for all parties.

The authors say:

The central ethos of an Irish Diaspora strategy should be that by helping each other - building networks of support, sharing advice, creating new ventures - Ireland, the Irish Diaspora and their new country of residence, the "New Irish"; and their home countries, all benefit and nobody is exploited. Here it is important to conceive of the Diaspora not as a primed resource waiting to be tapped, but rather as a precious resource to be cared for and tended, valued and re-engerised. As such, a strategy should not be conceived in terms of using the Diaspora but growing in partnership with it.

The authors propose that four relationships should be considered in an Irish diaspora strategy:

  • Ireland - Irish Diaspora
  • Ireland - New Irish
  • Irish Diaspora - Irish Diaspora
  • Irish Diaspora - New Irish.

They note, “Our focus has been on growing together in partnership, but it should be noted that the question concerning the voting rights of Irish citizens abroad needs to be part of the wider discussion and consultation process concerning a Diaspora strategy.”

Boyle and Kitchim envision this document as part of the first step toward a Diaspora strategy; they envision a consultation period, the formulation of a “Green Paper” setting out the proposed strategy, a debate on that Green Paper leading to the drafting a White Paper, and then the implementation of the strategy.

See the working paper on the NIRSA website.

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Ean, CMP link up on warning on US visa overstays

Ean and the Crosscare Migrant Project have issued a joint press release warning people visiting the US this summer not to overstay. So far, the press release has been picked up by the Irish Times, which published an article titled "Warning against touting visa rules", and the Last Word radio programme. The effort was prompted by this year's reports from centres in the US that they are continuing to see young people coming over from the US to work.

See the full text of the press release.

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CIIC issues warning on Diversity Visa fee-seeking

The Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers in the US has issued a warning to be cautious of websites and individuals charging large fees to file applications for the Diversity Visa Lottery. The organization says,

The program which gives winning entrants an opportunity to apply for a permanent visa to live and work in the US has attracted a host unscrupulous businesses and attorneys who advertise widely and use a variety of strategies to take money from unsuspecting consumers.

Applicants who are applying for this program should be aware that only websites with the ".gov" indicator in their website address are official government sites. Many other websites provide legitimate and accurate information but applicants should only submit their personal information on the official DV Lottery website.

Each year the lottery is open for a specific period - usually early October through early December, and applications can only be submitted during this time. The program makes 50,000 visas available annually to applicants who meet eligibility requirements. The winning applicants are drawn randomly and notified by mail. People who were born in Ireland and Northern Ireland and who meet the program conditions are eligible to apply. Full details on eligibility and the application process can be found at the Department of State Website.

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In the media: TG4 focuses on work of emigrant chaplains

A TG4 production on the work of emigrant chaplains was aired this month, and is now available on the station's archives. The show, "Séiplinigh na nImirceach" consisted of four episodes focusing on the work of the Emigrant Chaplaincy Scheme in the US and Britain, and drew parallels with immigrants in Ireland today. One of those interviewed was Ean board member Sr Attracta Heneghan, who worked with the Irish in Huddersfield. For more information on the programme, and to see how to watch the programmes on the TG4 website, see Ean's website.

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Member news:Crosscare Migrant Project seeks Information Worker

The Crosscare Migrant Project, an Ean member group, is seeking a staff member. Here is the text of their job ad:

Crosscare Migrant Project

Located in Dublin's city centre, Crosscare Migrant Project (formerly Emigrant Advice) is an information and advocacy service for migrants including intending and returning emigrants.

We are now recruiting an

Information Worker

The successful candidate will carry out CMP's work in relation to Irish emigration and return migration and will:

-have a keen interest in issues relating to Irish emigration and return migration
-have experience of information and advocacy work (including in the areas of homelessness and social welfare)
-have a good knowledge of migration issues
-be committed to a human rights based approach
-have a relevant qualification or equivalent.

Salary Scale: 35,216 - 41,623 euro

A full job description for the role is available by emailing

To apply, please send a comprehensive CV and cover letter to: Ciara Carty, HR Manager, Crosscare, The Red House, Clonliffe College, Dublin 3 or by email to:
For further information, call HR on Tel: 01 836 0011.

Closing date for all applications will be 5pm, Thursday, 5 June 2008.
Interviews for short-listed candidates will be held on Thursday, 12 June 2008.

Crosscare Migrant Project is a programme of CROSSCARE, the Social Care Agency for the Dublin Archdiocese.

Crosscare is an equal opportunities employer.

See the factsheet on Ean's website.

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There are many emigration-related conferences and events coming up. See more information about each of these on our website.

Ulster-American Heritage Symposium: Omagh, 25-28 June 2008
Wavelengths: Irish and American Music. UCD: 4-7 Sept 2008
New Media and the Global Diaspora - 2 October, 2008. Bristol, RI
Neither Here Nor There: Writing the Irish Diaspora - 31 October, 2008. Limerick

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On our website

Stay on top of emigrant-related news and media in Ireland through our Newswatch section on our website. Through this blog-style feature we track media articles related to emigrants, with brief posts and links to additional information.

Here are links to a few of the latest articles - see the site for more!

HSE sending children abroad involuntarily for care
US agency warns of tighter ID requirements
Scholar sees hidden Irish in emigrant song
Martin McDonagh's Irish roots explored
World Bank publishes latest Migration and Remittances Factbook
Let diaspora return, says Irish-America
Member's Query: Exemption from Irish

The Newswatch section is updated several times a week. Feel free to send on suggestions!

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